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Solar Geyser Installation

Getting a solar geyser installation is an extremely cost-effective way to get off the grid and not be affected by load shedding anymore. Since your geyser is one of the appliances that account for the bulk of your monthly electricity bill, this will save you large sums of money in the long run. With the savings you rake in when using a solar geyser installation, you will pay back the capital expenditure for this fancy new gadget in no time.

When you consider making the switch, getting an expert solar geyser plumber in Bloemfontein on your side is essential. Our team has vast experience in this regard and will assist you in finding the right fit for your property. Things to consider when doing a solar geyser installation include the reservoir size, pipe diameter, tank location and type of solar geyser. All of these have a considerable effect on your hot water supply and could determine whether or not you can enjoy a nice hot shower in the morning.

Solar Geyser Installation Near Me

Searching “solar geyser installation near me” will most likely show you a bunch of sites that say it can’t be done since Bloemfontein freezes over in winter. We beg to differ. Our experience shows that, when solar geyser installation is done mindfully, you can have reliable hot water supply, 24/7, even during the cold Bloemfontein winters.

Keep this in mind when doing your new solar geyser installation:

Installation Configuration – Solar geyser installation comes in two configurations: direct and indirect. In direct systems, sunlight heats the water directly. This system is best for areas with a moderate climate.

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Best Solar Geyser Installation in Bloemfontein

Indirect systems use a heat exchange mechanism to heat the water. Here, the heating panel (a bunch of pipes with water flowing through them) is situated on the roof. In contrast, the water that goes to your hot water reservoir flows through pipes that are removed from the roof. Here, your water supply is protected from frost and low ambient temperatures, minimizing the freezing risk and safeguarding your hot water supply. This is the system that we install.

Reservoir Size – The hot water reservoir size best suited to your property depends on the hot water demand. A general rule of thumb: a daily 50 litres of hot water per person living on the property. Add another daily 50 litres for general domestic use (doing the dishes and washing), and you’re all set. It’s also a good idea to use a larger solar geyser reservoir than you would if you had an electrical geyser. For example, if your current electrical geyser has a capacity of 150 litres, the equivalent solar geyser installation would have a capacity of 200 litres.

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Geyser Placement – With solar geysers, you would have either a split pumped system or a close-coupled thermosyphon system. In a split coupled system, the geyser reservoir is placed on a lower level than the solar absorbers (the pipes where the water is heated). Here, a pump circulates water between the absorbers and the tank, ensuring even temperature distribution. This is the right configuration for colder areas, such as Bloemfontein, since the hot water reservoir is placed in the ceiling, away from the potentially severe ambient conditions.

In a close-coupled thermosyphon system, the hot water reservoir is placed above the solar absorber on the roof. Here, natural thermal circulation ensures that hot water rises, while cold water descends into the solar absorbers. Using this system is not advisable for colder areas.

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Best Solar Geyser Installation in Bloemfontein