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You’re building a new home, and you need the right plumbing solution for this dream come true. Don’t waste time typing “ plumbers near me ” into your search engine. Call us. We are the best plumbing team in Bloemfontein. With us on your side, you will have a plumbing system that works so well, you won’t even notice that it’s there. Other than the luxuriously hot showers and amazing bath time experience, of course.

Perhaps you’re a developer, and you’re constructing a new apartment block or complex. Here, plumbing gets a bit more complicated. Don’t worry. Our pro team has you covered. Keep the following in mind for the new plumbing system installation:

Leak Detection – Pipes, taps and other fittings don’t last forever. It’s often more economical to replace old pipes before they start leaking, than repair the damage after they burst or leaked. In the case of new construction, you could opt to install automatic leak detection equipment. While this may be a somewhat substantial capital investment, this is likely to save considerable costs in the long run. Here, you will receive a timely warning when one of your pipes spring a leak, enabling you to be proactive and prevent extensive damage.

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Best Local Bloemfontein Plumbers

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Water Pressure – Water pressure is essential from a user experience perspective. When you’re supplying water to a range of units from a single source, this could become tricky. If your new building is higher than eight stories, you will need a water pump to route water into a tank on the roof. From here, water is distributed to all units without sacrificing water pressure in individual units. The challenge with this arrangement is the high water pressure in the pipes throughout your building. This high pressure could render your plumbing system more prone to leaks, especially if the units in your building are smart homes. Don’t worry, though, since our pro team will guide you through the process of selecting the right types of pipes and fittings to mitigate this risk. If you have a water pressure problem, search for ‘ plumbers near me ‘ online and look us up to come help you.

Submeter – Charging individual tenants for their water and electricity usage is the most effective way to manage consumption. If you don’t do this, tenants have no motivation to curb water usage in their units, resulting in an astronomical water bill for your property. Our team will guide you in selecting the submetering system that is most practical for your building and situation.

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Prevention – When fittings and appliances are installed correctly, they are unlikely to cause problems soon. Here, you need the pro team of plumbers on the job to ensure that everything is done right off the bat.

Regular maintenance and checks are also needed to ensure that things continue working well. When you perform regular, scheduled checks on your building’s plumbing system, you will find and fix problems long before any damage occurs. Prevention is always better than cure.

For help with new installations and regular maintenance on your new building’s plumbing system, search for ‘ plumbers near me ‘ and call the best plumber in Bloemfontein. You won’t regret it.

We also offer solar geyser installation services to our Bloemfontein clients.


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