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Leak detection is a tricky business. Usually, you only realize that you need to call a leak detection plumber once your water bills shoot through the roof. When this happens to you, don’t waste time searching “leak detection Bloemfontein” on your phone. Call us. Our pro team of experienced leak detection plumbers will rush to the scene and sort out your Bloemfontein plumbing leak in no time.

Plumbing leaks have several possible causes. The most common cause is old water pipes and poor installation. If you have an older property, the water pipes may be worn through usage over time. Here, the pipe wall thickness diminishes over time, eventually springing a leak.

If the plumbing pipes in your property are poorly installed, they would probably have some room to move and vibrate as water flows through them. This is especially true in cases where the air gets trapped inside the pipes, causing an air hammer effect. Here, the pipes move around, brushing against the rough concrete walls around them. These uneven surfaces wear down the pipelining, eventually causing a leak.

These types of leaks often go undetected for a long time, since they generally start small, only losing a relatively small amount of water. The water lost here sometimes also flow directly into the foundations of the building, completely undetected and causing a minimal amount of damage. As these small leaks grow, your water bill would increase until, suddenly, you have an astronomical bill and no idea where to start looking for the cause.

That’s when you call us, the expert leak detection local plumbers in Bloemfontein and surrounds. We have the right experience and tools of the job to find that leak and fix it in no time at all.

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Affordable Leak Detection Services in Bloemfontein

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When searching for leak detection near me, you might as well understand the leak detection process.

The leak detection process starts simply: we inspect the property for wet spots on the walls, floors, or ceilings. When we find one of these, we chip away the plaster and bricks, exposing the leaking pipe section and replacing it.

If we can’t find any wet spots, we look for warm places on the walls. If the culprit is a hot water pipe, a hot spot will likely form on the wall corresponding to the leak position.

If both of the above approaches prove unsuccessful, we close off all taps and valves on the property, opening them one by one, all the while monitoring the main water meter. Once we find a spike in the water meter reading, we can isolate the leaking pipe section. This is a much more time-consuming process than the above two, and far less accurate, but still an effective way of finding the leak.

Once we’ve completed the repair, we clean up after ourselves. Unfortunately, repair leaking pipes is a messy business, likely to cover a large part of your home in concrete dust. This is not pleasant, but our team will endeavour to minimize the damage and mess as we go along. We will also remove all building rubble from the premises, ensuring that you don’t have the headache of clearing that up as well.


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Affordable Leak Detection Services in Bloemfontein