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Geyser repair doesn’t have to be a nightmare. For the best geyser repair plumber in town, call us. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to fix or replace your geyser fast. In winter, we generally experience an increase in calls for geyser repair in Bloemfontein and surrounds. That’s because geysers suffer far more wear and tear in winter than in summer. A geyser that bursts could cause immense damage to your property and person. The best prevention is to have your geyser inspected by a professional plumber in Bloemfontein regularly.

You could also put measures in place to protect your geyser from the worst damage, yourself.

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Why do Geysers Burst?

During normal usage, hot water leaves the geyser, after which cold water enters the unit and is heated again. This change in temperature causes contraction and expansion of the entire geyser unit and its components. In the cold winter months, especially the extreme winters experienced in Bloemfontein, this effect is exaggerated. This exaggerated expansion and contraction lead to metal fatigue, weakening the walls of your geyser unit. Metal fatigue increases over time, which is why older geysers tend to burst, rather than new units.

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Reliable Geyser Repair in Bloemfontein

Geyser Repair Maintenance

Generally, geysers last about five years before they should be replaced. With proper maintenance, you could increase the lifespan of your geyser. Here, you could call in a qualified geyser repair plumber to service your geyser once in three years. During this service, the geyser would be drained and inspected for signs of leaks, wear, and other damage. The anode, heating element and thermostat also get inspected during this service. The plumber would remove sludge and limescale buildup from the tank and heating element as well.

If you don’t already have a drip tray installed underneath your geyser, the plumber will install one. If your geyser does burst, the drip tray will redirect most of the water to a safe outlet, minimizing the potential damage to your property.

At the same time, the plumber would check the setpoint on your geyser’s thermometer. National standards recommend a setpoint of 60⁰C. If the setpoint is too high or the thermostat is poorly regulated, steam will build up in the geyser. This steam buildup could cause an increase in pressure that could potentially lead to an explosion.

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Fit a Geyser Blanket – Your geyser’s thermostat and heating element work much harder during winter due to the increased hot water demand in your home. To minimize the energy used and also manage your electricity bill, fit a geyser blanket to your unit.

Switch Your Geyser Off Wisely – Switching off your geyser during peak times eases the burden on our national grid. It’s wise not to do this for too long, however. If left too long, your geyser will cool considerably, increasing the expansion and contraction effect and thus decreasing the lifespan of your geyser. When you do switch off your unit, do so wisely and for a limited amount of time, especially in winter.


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Reliable Geyser Repair in Bloemfontein