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Geyser installation doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want the best geyser installation plumber in town to have a look at your new building, call us. Our pro plumbing team has vast experience in geyser installation in Bloemfontein and surrounds and we understand the challenges you face.

Bloemfontein winters are incredibly cold with temperatures dipping below freezing point most nights. This poses a challenge to plumbing systems since frozen pipes tend to burst. Also, if your pipes are frozen solid, you won’t be able to have a beautiful, hot shower early in the morning before heading out to work. We insulate geysers, pipes and fittings to mitigate this challenge. Insulating your geyser is the first step in minimizing your electricity bill. Cold winter nights leaches energy from your geyser, cooling the water down fast. Your geyser compensates for this by switching on the heating element more regularly. This process maintains the water temperature at the setpoint, but it uses an enormous amount of electricity. Insulating your geyser with a geyser blanket keeps the heat in, thus using less energy to maintain the hot water at the setpoint.

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Reliable Geyser Installation in Bloemfontein

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Geyser installation in areas prone to subzero temperatures has to be done by professionals. Our pro plumbing team will find the optimum location for your geyser unit to minimize the amount of heat loss and also the likelihood of frozen pipes in winter.

Water pipes installed in outside walls are more likely to freeze than those installed in inner walls. Why is that so, you ask? In winter, your home is generally hotter than the ambient outside temperature. Even if you don’t have indoor heating, your home probably gets extremely cold at night. Here, it would still usually be a few degrees hotter inside the house than outside. This temperature difference decreases the likelihood of frozen pipes in winter slightly.

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The closer your geyser installation is to the point of use, the better. If your geyser is situated closer to where you need the hot water, a shorter distance of piping is required. This shortened distance decreases the area in which things can go wrong if your hot water pipes do rupture in winter. The heat from the geyser is also more likely to radiate to a more significant portion of the pipe length, further decreasing the likelihood of frozen pipes. Once you get the water flowing, the shortened length of pipe will heat up more quickly, minimizing the effect of heat loss on cold mornings.

For the experts in geyser installation Bloemfontein and surrounds, call us. Our pro team knows the ins and outs of geyser installation. They will install your geyser and the accompanying piping in such a way that winter freeze-thaw is minimized.

While we can’t guarantee that your pipes will never freeze, our pro geyser installation plumber will assist you in mitigating the risk. We will also decrease the effect if it does happen. If you want it done right the first time, don’t waste time phoning around.

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Reliable Geyser Installation in Bloemfontein