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Gas Geyser Installation

Getting a gas geyser installation is one of the most effective ways to start your home’s off-the-grid journey. Electrical geysers, along with ovens, are the most energy-intensive appliances in most homes, accounting for the most significant chunk of your electricity bill. Getting a gas geyser plumber to replace your electrical unit with a gas geyser is simple, straightforward. It will save you significant amounts in utility bills.

For the pros in all things gas geyser Bloemfontein and surrounds, call us. Our expert team has years of experience, and we do the job right, the first time. We don’t get comebacks on our work

Water pressure is essential for gas geyser installations. Most gas geysers are switched on when a pressure drop is measured in the hot water pipe. This pressure drop occurs when you fully open the hot water tap. If the water pressure in your home is inadequate, or if your new water-wise showerhead throttles the water flow too much, this pressure drop won’t occur. In this case, your gas geyser won’t switch on, and you will be immensely frustrated. To avoid this type of situation, get the pro gas geyser plumber to do your gas geyser installation. That’s us. Don’t waste time searching “gas geyser plumber Bloemfontein” on your phone. Our experienced team knows what they’re doing, and they will do this installation right, the first time.

Once your gas geyser installation is complete, you might want to economize even further. Here are some ways to make your gas last even longer:

Check for Leaks

If your gas geyser or canister is leaking, you could lose an entire canister of gas in the space of a few hours. That would be expensive and highly inconvenient. Gas leaks are also a fire hazard, compromising the safety of your home and loved ones. If you suspect that your gas geyser installation may have sprung a leak, call a certified plumber or inspector (that’s us) to have a look. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, fixing the problem before it causes any damage is always cheaper than waiting until things go wrong.

Temperature Setpoint

Setting your gas geyser to the correct temperature will help you optimize your gas usage. When you set the geyser to its maximum setpoint, the hot water stream will be boiling. Here, you must add cold water to cool things down, which is a waste of precious gas. Instead set the temperature a bit cooler. In this manner, you won’t have to adjust the water temperature by adding cold water, thus minimizing your gas usage.

Switch Off When Not In Use

Switch off your gas geyser when you’re not using it. Most modern gas geysers switch on and off automatically; thus, you don’t have to worry about this. If, however, you have a gas geyser unit that must be switched on and off manually, remember to switch it off again when you’re done using hot water. Leaving the geyser on when not in use wastes precious gas.

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gas geyser installation

Quality Gas Geyser Installation

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